Monday, August 22, 2011

Traversing the Caucasus

Founded in 1865,Georgian railways operations started in 1871 between Poti and Kvirila (present day Zestaponi). The first passenger train ran on October 10, 1872, from Poti to Tbilisi central station.

From this central spine, the railway network expanded with links to: Rioni to Kutaisi (1877), Rioni-Tkibuli (1887), Zestafoni to Chiatura (1895). The Tbilisi to Baku line became operational in 1883, allowing transportation of Azerbaijan oil through the port of Batumi.

How Rothschild traveled from Tbilisi to baku doesn't really concern me right now.At least we now know that he arrived in Poti (not Batumi)where he picked up a passenger train towards Gori!
Map of Caucasus Region showing route from Batumi to Gori to Baku:

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