Monday, August 22, 2011

The Rothschilds and the Nobels

The War over the oil market
By Brita Åsbrink

In the middle of the 1880s, the battle for power over the world's oil markets between first and foremost, Branobel, the American Standard Oil and the French family the Rothschilds' company, BNITO, gets tougher. Agreements and treachery, bribes, industrial espionage, price wars, gossip and slander – every means available was used in the war over the oil market.

The first sign came when Rothschild Fréres contacted the Nobels to hear if they were interested in future cooperation. In 1883, the French finance company Rothschild, had formed BNITO, the Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, and had large plants in the port of Batum on the Black Sea. Factories worked at high pressure and 5,000 ships loaded and unloaded goods. But the development of the distant Caucasus became seen more and more as an increasing threat in the USA and Europe and, as a result of the Rothschilds making contact with the Nobels, a thirty year battle for domination of the world's oil markets began.

With the exception of Russia, Standard oil dominated the world oil market but still resorted to sabotage, bad will gossip and bribery in order to harm the Branobel. Ludvig Nobel had to use independent scientific expertise to defend against such assaults.


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